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This is the official blog and website of Peter Nunn, Bristol (UK) based businessperson, entrepreneur, writer, web developer, anti cyberbullying advocate, geek.

Founder of the Protect Yourself business brand and Blog which since its founding in 2010 has provided a valuable resource for those looking to improve safety.

The Protect Yourself Blog reports on Knife and Gun crime, alongside pressing health and safety issues affecting workers and members of the public.

As Director of the Drive Against Personal Hatred campaign and Neutral Human Rights Organisation Peter Nunn has done a number of TV Radio and alternative media projects to promote ethical and open free speech whilst advocating against cyberbullying. Peter Nunn is an expert commentator on The Internet, Cyberbullying, and Criminal Justice System.

Peter Nunn holds a small portfolio of interesting domain names, some of which have developed into interesting websites.

Writer Peter Nunn has written regularly since 2011 campaigning on Knife Crime, protective clothing tax, environmental issues, and has written over 200 articles.

His book, A Trolls Tale, is scheduled for release in Winter 2023, and is set to break all records.

Peter Nunn has worked within many Public and Private sector organisations in sales, technical and customer facing roles. He is available for new projects and opportunities which meet his interests and lifestyle.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic he worked diligently to promote safety, taking part in the Track and Trace ,GOV project and NHS 111 overflow line operation. At the start of the Pandemic he campaigned to help the homeless self isolate within appropriate accommodation, which the NHS took on board and .GOV supported.

He can be personally contacted through the contact page on this website.

Please note that this website is for informational purposes only without prejudice.